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Point2 Interactive Advertising was incorporated in March, 2001. Point2 principals, Peter Arndt and John Gregory, previously co-founded and managed the interactive advertising team at Bozell (later FCB) Worldwide in Detroit.

Gregory and Arndt are best known for creating an interactive ad model called the WebSpot®, as well as an innovative online measurement technique, dubbed “Beacons.”

They’re also known for their award-winning work for brands such as Warner Bros., Jeep, Comedy Central, Chrysler, Little Caesars, Shop Vac and Coleman.

In the year 2000, trade journal Advertising Age ranked their original team of just twelve people 13th in the world among “top creative interactive agencies (by awards won).”



Point2 is not an “interactive agency.” We’re an ad agency focused on the interactive media.
Just to clarify – we aren’t programmers. We don’t provide soup-to-nuts “e-business solutions.” And our clients’ names generally don’t end in “dot-com.”

What we are, at our core, are marketing communications specialists who have worked primarily on behalf of blue chip, national brand advertisers.

Our work begins with client-approved marketing strategies and data that are used to generate original creative concepts; we then bid out and manage all aspects of production; provide cross-media integration; add online media planning and buying; and finally, we provide third-party ad serving, measurement and analysis.


Point2’s primary ad model (previously called Webspot®) is technology-neutral; that is, it isn’t dependent on any particular programming language or technology. Which gives us a non-partisan p.o.v. compared to other agencies with proprietary ad models to sell. It’s accepted on 100% of media sites, and doesn’t require special plug-ins or equipment.

“Beacons,” our measurement technique, takes online analytics to the next level, providing real-time, anonymous behavior tracking without using cookies. During live campaigns, Beacons can gauge the effectiveness of our creative execution and also confirm that our code is working optimally across multiple platforms.

Our “Brandroom” is the online equivalent of a fortified war room, where we can securely post client-approved strategies, competitive data, conceptual campaign development in its many stages, and work in progress through production. And it allows us to work with clients anywhere in the world.